Our three step process to estate planning through our trusted partner includes the following.

Make a list
No matter how modest or great one’s wealth is, it all starts with a proper accounting of exactly what you have. List the value of your home, investments, insurance, statements from bank accounts, artwork and collectibles…anything of value. We can help you with appraisals and resources to make this process as efficient as possible. The goal is to have a consolidated, detailed list that can be accessed by loved ones and trusted individuals.

Draft your estate plan
Meet with an estate attorney and draw up a plan. This not only includes who gets what assets and who distributes them, but other issues such as long-term care for loved ones that are in your life. How much is needed for any children and their education? Who manages your financial affairs if you are incapacitated? These are all items to be considered and addressed.

Fund and Update
Putting off funding any estate can naturally lead to poor outcomes, so we encourage individuals to do so as soon as an estate is established. An annual review of everything should also be done, as assets may have changed and you may want to add or change beneficiaries. Reviewing an estate plan and the terms of your will annually will ensure that your legacy wishes are met and there are no unintended surprises for heirs or business partners.

We are here to help
We have managed estate accounts for more than twenty years and can be of help to you in ensuring that your assets both grow according to plan, but also go to the right places per your instructions.

Discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

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