Insurance and Tax Strategies

While DGM is neither an accountant nor insurance broker, we understand the risks that occur when these two subjects are neglected. For more than twenty years we’ve helped our clients look at their lives and their businesses from every angle - always making sure that issues relating to insurance and taxation are properly addressed. We have relationships with trusted partners in these areas and will make sure you have the right advice for your life’s needs in those areas.

As for tax strategies, we do everything we can to minimize taxable issues in the investment portfolios through the best use of retirement vehicles such as IRAs and SEPs, and we work hand in hand with a client’s accountant to take the appropriate tax losses or gains to maximize what stays in your pocket. Similarly we manage 401k plans with strategies to maximize distributions to further reduce taxable events Everything we do is geared towards using a “tax-friendly” strategy, no matter what your station in life is.

Insurance is the fabric that lets you sleep comfortably at night. It’s critical to have the right combination of insurance for both your personal and business dealing. We start by reviewing your overall financial picture and assess whether you have enough insurance to meet your needs. We also assess what types of insurance you may be deficient in; do you need key-man insurance for your business? Have enough disability insurance relative to your income? What wealth transfer strategies can be optimized to ensure the maximum amount stays in your family? These are all issues we and our trusted partners can advise on.

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