Portfolio Management

The management of one’s investments is but one spoke in the wheel of one’s overall financial management. Before making any investments, we will seek out as much information as possible from the client, such as retirement goals, tax planning, significant expenses and liquidity needs to come. One we have that big picture, then we will build an appropriate portfolio for that person alone.

The management of an individual or family's investments is but one spoke in the wheel of complexity that shapes that clients overall financial wellbeing. Before any investments are considered, the advisors at DGM spend a considerable amount of time analyzing both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a new client's requirements. This includes proprietary software that, through a series of engagements with the client, will produce a risk score unique to that individual. This score helps our clients visualize their feelings and “hunches” and provides a baseline to support portfolio construction. At the same time we discuss the clients anticipated Life Path, as seen from their eyes and work to identify the most important items, items that are required but not special and most significantly, items that the client may have overlooked. It’s only after this intake process has been completed that we’re able to really begin the process of portfolio construction.

Having said that, there are certain basic tenets that we live by across all portfolios. We try to minimize tax costs wherever possible; some of that comes from overweighting investments like ETFs, which we consider “tax-friendly”, over mutual funds, which generally are not (you have no control over the taxable distributions they make). We are not beholden to any one strategy or asset class, so as the market conditions change, so do we. We will diversify amongst several asset classes, from equities to fixed income, alternative investments to commodities, depending on the market cycle. And everything is fee-based only; we charge no commissions so everything we do is in the context of growing your assets.

Because of our structure and relationships, we have the ability to use third-party managers as well as trusted partner solutions as we design portfolios. Portfolios may be constructed using individual securities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), separately managed accounts and/or limited partnerships when appropriate. We manage your portfolio daily and will review it with you periodically as a part of the ongoing process. If there is to be any significant change in direction, we’ll make sure you know all about it.

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