Business Owners

As an entrepreneur, we know you have to have a long-term vision and wear a lot of hats. We work with business owners like yourself to help crystallize that long-term vision of yours into an actionable series of processes to bring you success. We can help through proper valuation of your company, increasing cash flow and developing a succession strategy. DGM will help you create a path for success today that will pay dividends in the future.

Loved One With Disabilities

From personal experience, we know what it is like when you have a family member living with a disability. We have experience in managing trusts for loved ones and in navigating many of the state demands in doing so. . We can create a plan designed to provide for your loved ones today and in the future. This plan would also feature strategies to help ensure your loved one receives support from all potential resources.


As a business leader, you're likely a person who sees the big picture. DGM will offer specific services for you and your skillset, including negotiating benefits packages, establishing tax efficient estate planning and trust plans, tax strategies for charitable giving, multi state tax filing and wealth transfer, and a wealth plan that takes into consideration the uniqueness of your compensation package, all to help you accumulate, preserve and pass along your wealth in a way that creates the legacy you desire.

Medical Professionals

In our experiences, no professional is busier than a doctor; often, their commitment to take care of others leaves little time to take care of their own finances and retirement plans. We offer strategies for physicians and other medical professionals like yourself that includes wealth management, charitable giving, asset protection and estate planning to help you provide the peace of mind that you provide your patients with their health and well-being.

Commercial Real Estate

If you are a commercial real estate investor, you often have a unique set of challenges. Most often, that may be an overweighting in the asset at the expense of diversification in other areas. Transitioning these assets to a corporate structure can be paramount to ensuring that the next generation is taken care of, as governance is an often overlooked way to protect family wealth and preserve your legacy for generations to come.

Discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

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